Hello! My name is Steph Munden and I’m glad that you’re here. I write on my blog as frequently as I’m able about my life which includes but is not limited to: Jesus, my husband, our foster care journey, ministry, and many other things.

I have been given the chance to live for Jesus everyday, and I try to remember that I am loved because I exist, not because of anything that I do or say.

My husband and I were married in August of 2013 and have been figuring out marriage like a couple of champs (with lots of help from lots of people). We both graduated from Ozark Christian College and love to study the Bible. He loves the outdoors, I love the indoors, and we both love music and each other.

I started this blogging journey a long time ago, and in February of 2016, I was called into teaching, speaking, and writing for the Lord. Ever since then, the Lord has presented opportunities of all formats and functionalities and I am so grateful. (You can see my public speaking website by clicking here.)

I want to always be learning to speak more of the Lord’s truth and less of my own opinion, so here’s my best shot. Thanks for stopping by.